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therapeutic yoga classes & workshops

Becky teaches mindbodiyoga classes designed specifically to combat the affects of stress and anxiety on the body and mind, restoring balance and equilibrium.

Classes are gentle in nature, accessible to all and mainly involve sitting, laying down, gentle standing movement, breathwork, guided meditations and relaxation. Most classes can be attended in your ordinary day clothes so you can pop in with no hassle of getting changed.

Blankets, eye pillows and cushions are provided to make these classes a very nurturing experience and a good antitode to everyday life.


Upcoming classes and workshops

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Lunchtime Gentle Yoga 

Restoration for stressed bodies and minds 

Lunchtimes 12-1 


A chance to re-fuel and restore mind and body at lunchtime. Come along for pranayama (Breathwork), restorative postures and mindful sequences. Becky will deliver live yoga nidra practices (guided relaxation) to profoundly and deeply relax you. 


Evening Yoga Nidra

Guided meditative practice for deep relaxation

Evenings 7-8 



Deeply restorative yoga nidra sessions. Becky provides a safe and supportive space to experience the profoundly relaxing and therapeutic effects of yoga nidra, a guided meditative practice with many health benefits. Bolsters, blankets and eye pillows make this a very nurturing class. 

"I attended a Yoga Nidra day workshop facilitated by Becky. I felt very safe and nurtured during the visualisations and it was such a treat to spend a whole day lying on the floor listening to Beckys' lovely clear and calm voice. I felt grounded and calm and the effect lasted for quite a few days afterwards. It was a wonderfully nourishing and restorative experience"


Mary Musset -  Shiatsu & reflexology practitioner 

Monthly workshop - Release, relax and restore

Calming Pranayama, restorative postures

and yoga nidra 

Sunday afternoon 1.30pm-5.30pm - £40

Next workshop: Postponed

A chance to fully immerse yourself in a restorative and transformative bubble for 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week ahead. 


Breathwork will reduce the impact of stress on the body, neutralising fight-flight response and returning the body and emotions to a state of equilibrium. Supported restorative postures with bolsters, pillows and blankets will create a nurturing and grounded experience for the physical body. The session will end with a long and profoundly relaxing yoga nidra (guided relaxation) and closing meditation.


Tea and snacks provided.


Release relax restore yoga workshop

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